Every bicycle that leaves the workshop is made with love and attention to detail, resulting in a unique bicycle:

the MOST PERSONAL bicycle you will ever own.


Alpas cycles

Alpas means becoming loose, free, untied. Some of us remember the overwhelming feeling of freedom we had as a kid, when we first rode our bicycles. I’m here to bring that feeling back. Alpas cycles produces handmade steel bicycles, one at a time, tailored to its rider’s needs and with a focus on performance as well as aesthetics.


Bicycle framebuilding…

.. is the beautiful craft of bronze brazing and silver soldering handcut and filed steel tubing into a work of art, about handpicking components that best suit the bicycle’s needs and aesthetics. I take my inspiration from the great heritage of the French contructeurs: René Hersé, Alex Singer, Jo Routens, etc. Bicycle builders who created one-of-a-kind bicycles for a given purpose, a specific rider.

Every detail of your new ride is well thought of and gets its own share of attention. From the design of the frame, the selection of components, tubes and braze-ons to the many hours of filing and sanding and finally the paintwork and building of the bike. Every detail matters and it’s a journey that I like to share with you.


Everyone has a destiny…

Mine has always been about creating things, finding beauty, the feel of a cool summer’s breeze, getting lost, going beyond the bend. Becoming a bicycle framebuilder sort of ‘happened’ as a result of those passions and desires and has become a passion on it’s own. I love the creative process of designing an object for a specific goal and then seeing it come to life by my own hands. I want to share that passion with you and create a bicycle that is truly meaningful for you.