How you and I will build your bicycle

Before we start…

1. What type of riding?

This will be the most predominant factor in how we will design your bike. Things like geometry, tube selection, wheel size, etc will greatly depend on this. So think about what adventures you have in mind for you and your future bicycle. What surface(s) do you want to ride on? Do you intend to load stuff (rando bag or bikepacking gear) on your bike? Also think about what you do not want and what you don’t like about your current bike.

2. Think about drivetrain and components

It’s good to think about these things before we talk. This way you might already develop a clearer vision about your bike and it helps me to determine the needed braze-ons, etc. A few examples:
  • 1x or 2x
  • Shifters (down-tube, bar-end, brifters, …)
  • Racks or rack mounts
  • Dynamo lights
  • Pump attachments
  • Bag setup
  • Bikepacking mounts on your fork
  • Maximum tire thickness
  • Mudguards

If this is all too abstract for you in this phase, no sweat, I can talk you through all the details.

3. Get in touch!

Whenever you feel like it, get in touch! You can email or call and we can schedule an appointment or a zoom call to discuss your project in further detail. Once I have a clearer idea of what you want,  I can give you a rough estimate for the project costs and a tentative timeline.

Let’s go!

1. Deposit

When you have decided to embark in your custom bicycle journey, I will ask for a 1500€ deposit to secure your place in the queue.  Once this is received, the design and building process begins.

2. Bikefit

We can determine your preferred riding position during an in-house bikefit session or you can contact a bikefitter of your preference and supply me the bikefit report. This input is needed to determine your frame size and geometry.

3. Review and approve design

Based on your measurements, and the type of build, I will provide you with CAD drawing(s) of your frame. This should reflect the discussions we had and incorporates the results of your bikefit.  Once you approve the drawings, I will order the necessary materials and begin building your frame when the time comes.

4. Think colour while you wait

Do you like a simple paint scheme, or are you looking for something truly special? While I’m building your frame, it’s good to develop a good idea about what you want. Maybe the colours of your bike can be inspired on a special (or simple) object in your environment or maybe a piece of art. We work with a professional bicycle painter to make sure your bicycle will be truly unique. Don’t worry if you only have a rough idea, we can work this out together.

5. Pay for the remainder

Once the frame or bicycle is fabricated, painted and built, you’ll receive an invoice for the remainder of the costs. 

6. Arrange for the delivery of your bike and ride

You can either pick up your bicycle in Kortrijk, or I can ship it anywhere in the world. Now get out there and enjoy your ride!