About Alpas Cycles

Hi, I’m Dominiek.

I started building bicycles out of love for fabrication, classic designs and the feeling that “industry” bicycles do not always fit the idea that I have about what a good bicycle is. I build steel bicyles by hand, one at a time, because I believe in steel as a light, durable and flexible material for fabrication and because steel bicycles are just super comfortable and have “that special feel”.

I take my inspiration from the timeless legacy of builders like René Herse and Jo Routens and combine this classic feel with modern elements to achieve a balanced design that elevates the function of the bicycle. I mostly build my bicycles with fillet brazed superlight Columbus steel tubing to achieve a “seamless” look. I take pride in taking comfort on the bike seriously and discussing the pro’s and cons of certain choices with you. Most of us are not professional cyclists, yet we often ride bicycles that are developed for or influenced by race-like conditions. In my design philosophy, comfort comes first, because comfort on the bike will make sure that you will truly enjoy your rides, no mather how long, or how far you ride!

Every single bicycle that leaves the workshop is a unique piece, the result of your dreams and ideas, real-life solutions and my craftmanship.

If you’re interested in a handbuilt bicycle, drop me an email, or give me a call and we can schedule an appointment. This appointment can occur “online”, or here in my workshop in Kortrijk. I look forward to meeting you and guide you on your journey towards riding your most unique and personal bicycle.

The word “Alpas” comes from Tagalog and means: to break free, loose from confinement.

Dominiek Hots
Kortrijk, Belgium