The design and order process

Ordering a custom bike is not like buying sliced bread, but don't worry. We'll guide you through every step of the process and we'll stay in touch. Nor is it immediately necessary to have extensive technical knowledge to buy a custom-made bicycle. Everything starts with an idea or a dream. The process will ensure that at the end of the ride there is a very concrete design that will result in your very own personalized bike.

Each Alpas is unique, made to measure and is made one by one based on your specific wishes.

To make sure everything runs smoothly, we use the following steps:

Step 1: First conversation

You're thinking about buying an Alpas! Hooray! Give us a call, send us an email, respond via facebook or instagram or use the contact form on this site. Now the ball is rolling. This is the moment we have a first conversation about your frame and bike, but especially about what you want to do with your bike, why you want a new bike and what your expectations of us are.

At the end of this conversation or shortly after, we will give you a first price estimate and an idea of the waiting time. Since usually things will change after this conversation, this is not a final offer, but rather an order of magnitude that should allow you to decide if you want to continue.

If you want to go further, we ask for an advance payment of 1000€. When this deposit is paid, your place in the queue will be fixed and we will start the next steps of the process. 

Step 2: Homework

During the first step of the design process we give you some homework. We need you to measure your body measurements. In case you currently have a bike which fits you perfectly, it will help us to get that information through. We'll tell you how to take those measurements.

If you are in doubt and really want more certainty, there is also the option to contact a professional bikefitter. More than just a measurement, they can also give you advice about your seating position. If you don't know anyone, we can recommend someone to you.

Step 3: Design interview

Once we've got your measurements, we'll schedule an initial design meeting. This can always be done on site or online. During this conversation we will go a little deeper into your specific wishes.

  • Fit: How do you want to sit on your bike. If you have visited a bikefitter, he will have already asked you this question. Do you want to sit "racy", a bit straighter and more comfortable.
  • Handling and ride characteristics: This is about how your bike will "feel" while riding. Depending on what you are going to do with your bike and where you want to ride, we can steer the geometry of your bike to take this into account. This will determine which tube set we will use for manufacturing your bike, taking into account stiffness, weight, and so on.
  • Configuration: We will discuss the different options for configuration. Which width of tires should your frame be able to handle, if you want to mount mudguards, which type of brakes do you prefer, should the cables run along the inside of the frame, which components do you want? It doesn't matter if you don't have an immediate idea about this yourself. We will guide you in your choices and make relevant proposals. 

Step 4: Manufacturing

Now begins the most difficult task for you: waiting. Don't worry, the waiting will be worth it. After the previous phase, we will immediately order your component and tube set so that they are ready when it's your turn in the production queue. Unless you have any questions of your own, or we have any questions for you, you won't hear from us until we're ready to start your bike. Once that's done, we'll let you know. You can then follow us on social media. Once we've built your frame, it'll go to the paint shop to be painted.

Step 5: Assembly

Back from the paintshop, we can prepare your frame for assembly. Tapping wires, reaming the seat tube and head tube, we treat the inside of your frame with a corrosion resistant liquid, and so on. Then we build your frame and adjust it according to your bikefit report.

Alpas Cycles

Step 6: Pick up or ship

Congratulations! Your bike's ready. We now prepare the final invoice and ask you to transfer the remaining amount in advance or on collection. When you pick up your bike, you can of course take a test ride, if you wish.

If you live far away, we can send your bike and make an appointment to do so.

Step 7: Review

Be sure to let us know your first experiences with your bike. We hope you'll send us a review and some photos that we can use (with your permission) on social media to put Alpas in the spotlight. Thanks and happy riding!

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