Loose. Free. Untied.

That is the slogan (and the translation) from which Alpas was born. Building bikes that are independent of existing conventions, that excel in quality and that fit the soul of those who ride them. That is Alpas Cycles' raison d'être.

We're not out to fill the world with even more mediocrity. We want to leave something behind that matters. At the same time we don't build show bikes, but bikes that are made to ride.

Fast. Far. A lot.

As long as they get ridden!


The Alpas Cycles Team


Founder, Framebuilder

Dominiek has been running Alpas Cycles from day one with his full enthusiasm and passion from his workshop in Zwevegem, Belgium and loves to make dreams come true. He also loves to talk bicycles on or off the bike.

Bobby (aka “Bobby Ewing”)

Chief Happiness Officer

Bobby keeps an eye on things and makes sure everyone is happy and satisfied at Alpas Cycles. He is also not averse to a cookie or a friendly pat on the shoulders.

Steel is not a nostalgic choice

We use modern Italian steel from Columbus in Milan. They make it light and strong, as it should be. It allows us to be completely free and flexible in our design to build a bike to your dimensions. What's more, a modern steel bike is light, strong and durable , and flexible or rigid where needed.

We believe in steel!
Because it's the best way to build a bike to your measurements and because we believe that no other material can match the pleasure of riding steel.

Made in Belgium!

Flanders and Belgium are crazy about the bicycle and racing. On our roads, hills and cobblestones, countless heroes fight every year for eternal glory. It's here, on the edge of the Flemish Ardennes and the French border, close to the cobblestones of the Koppenberg and the Forest of Wallers-Arenberg that Alpas Cycles' workshop is located.

We believe we put this soul into our bikes, by designing, testing and building it locally and by hand.
One by one! Each one finished to the last detail.

Finish matters

All our bikes are hand brazed and finished to perfection here in Zwevegem, one by one. Brazing joints are finished smooth to a super tight result. We go the extra mile when it comes to finishing.

That's what you see and what you feel when you're out on the road.

We don't do everything ourselves. And that's a good thing. We work with master wheel builders and painters to bring the quality and finish of your bike to a level that makes a difference on and off the road.


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