Alpas Cycles - Custom Performance Bicycles

At Alpas Cycles, lightweight steel bicycles are made by hand and lots of patience, with an eye for detail and aesthetics, fully adapted to the customer's physique and wishes. The result is a unique bicycle that excels in style, comfort and performance.

Why a bespoke bicycle frame?

No two people are the same. And neither are you. Do you love cycling, or are your bodymeasurements somewhat different, then don't settle for a bicycle that assumes everyone is "average". We start our journey with a bikefitting report, executed by a specialist, so that your bicycle frame is not only an extension of your body, but is equally adapted to your unique style of riding.

Stylish on the road

I love the French style of yesteryear and I'm inspired by the great French "constructors" such as René Hersé, Alex Singer, Jo Routens and co. These were all frame builders with vision who made a substantial contribution to the bicycle industry. And not only in terms of style.

These constructors were dedicated riders themselves and they knew from their own experience how to build the perfect bike. They tested their designs in Technical Trials such as "Concours des Machines", an annual frame builders' competition that has recently been reestablished. These are long and hard rides, in which the riders wear their own gear and the bikes are subjected to rigorous tests in various conditions.

Their outstanding craftsmanship, unique style, ingenious design, extensive riding experience and attention to the smallest details made the constructors' bikes so special.

Long distance comfort

Long-distance cyclists have been opting for a steel bicycleframe for a long time and not without reason. Steel has the unique property of being strong but flexible. So it partly absorbs the shocks of the road for you while cycling. Not unimportant if you spend a whole day in the saddle. On top of that, the custom geometry will make sure that you are perfectly seated in the saddle from the first kilometre and you can pimp your bike at will with mudguards, dynamo lights and so on.